Quality Assurance

quali vermessen1ISO 9001 

Formstaal is certified to ISO 9001-2008. All processes and procedures are defined in a manual and are therefore easy to understand and apply. Compliance with standards is regularly checked by external audits carried out by Germanic Lloyd Certification GmbH.



Material testing
Formstaal checks the quality of welded seams according to their relevant specification using the following non-destructive methods:
◦Visual inspection
◦X-ray inspection
◦Ultrasonic inspection
◦Metal particle examination
◦Dye penetration
◦Vacuum leak-tightness testing (helium leakage test)



Formstaal is able to survey completed welded structures accurately in accordance with the required quality standards.
For demanding surveying tasks, Formstaal uses the latest 3D scanning and surveying technologies. Each target value is defined with the utmost accuracy by a 3D laser tracker and documented in an immediately identifiable manner in clearly laid out test reports.