Cutting and Forming

umformen1Flame Cutting
Together with our partner company, Ostseestaal, we are able to process plates up to a size of 16,000 x 3,200 mm and a thickness of up to 100 mm. Prior to cutting, we use our inkjet technique to provide the plates with a water-resistant inscription. Necessary marking lines are fixed at a later stage on the raw sheet material by the plasma marker of the respective flame cutting machine.
Plates are cut on autogenous and plasma flame cutting machines. If feasible, plates are cut at the same time, that is to say in parallel or as a mirror-image, on the flame cutting machines. This saves time and reduces costs.
Some joints are prepared at the same time as the component contours are cut. The machining of complicated edges as well as the matching of different plate thicknesses and sharpening are carried out on separate workstations (Secator®).


On a total production area of 18,000 m², the cut plates are formed two and three-dimensionally without machining allowance and prepared for the welding assembly. For cost-effective manufacturing of individual items or small-scale series, multi-dimensional cold forming of plates is carried out on semi-automatic presses with and without forging dies. Further reforming options are provided by our 4-roll mill and press brake.