Solar boats

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The most environmentally friendly option for passenger ships – solar powered boats driven by the power of the sun. The entirely emission-free propulsion gives passengers a sense of gliding over the water and, compared with diesel propulsion, reduces the stress for man and nature to almost zero. The new technology opens up entirely new areas such as lakes and nature reserves.
Formstaal delivered its first solar-powered boat to the Aasee Lake in Münster (Germany) in April 2012. The solar catamaran, whose double hull was made entirely of aluminium, sails noiselessly and with absolutely no pollution. The high-tech boat was ordered jointly by the Münster Sailing School, Overschmidt, and the public utility companies of the Westphalian university town.
Our latest reference project is four identically constructed, environmentally friendly solar passenger boats for our federal capital, Berlin, which Formstaal delivered in the spring of 2014. Since that date, the shipping company “Weiße Flotte” has been operating four emission-free, noiseless and, above all, cost-effective ferries for the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe. The ferries, which were specially designed and made for the Berlin waterways, were also built according to catamaran design. The typical lightweight construction enabled the passenger saloon to be made very spacious with seats for 35 to 49 passengers, 2 wheelchairs and 10 bicycles.
Our solar boats are propelled exclusively by electric motors; diesel engines are no longer necessary. When designing the boats, we thoroughly study their future operational area and consider the clearance beneath bridges, and the depth and width of waterways. On the basis of our three standard models, we are able to customise the design and outfitting, however, always in strict compliance with currently applicable standards and the relevant SUK approval (barge gauging).


Testfahrt auf dem Strelasund Feb2014 Testfahrt Nov2013 BFB3 Überführung

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Solarschiffe für den Müggelsee verladen, OZ vom 06.03.2014

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Vier Solarschiffe für Berlin, Beitrag NDR, Januar 2014

Fährbär 1+2 auf Berliner Gewässern, Beitrag Nordmagazin vom 02.01.2014

Solarschiff für den Aasee, Video der Aaseeschifffahrt, 2012