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Formstaal provides the ship and yacht building sector with precisely fitting building kits that consist of cut and formed steel plates. Formstaal’s highly qualified professionals and innovative technologies ensure that plasma cutting, autogenous flame cutting, 2D and 3D forming of steel plates, and the welding of small and medium-sized sections are carried out with extraordinarily high and impressive precision. The company supplies formed shell plates without the need for machining allowance. This enables welding and assembly to be carried out quickly, without additional trimming, and thus directly saves costs.

Yacht building


Particularly in yacht and special vessel building, all components, whether flat or formed, are produced in compliance with the so-called yacht standard. This means that every single step is repeatedly checked throughout the production process. This approach ensures the extremely high quality standard of the products.








Formstaal manufactures the following products for the ship and yacht building industry::

  • ◦Building packages made of steel, aluminium, stainless steel and other high-quality steels
    ◦Fitted and welded assemblies such as forecastles, superstructures, masts, funnels, bulbous bow assemblies and deck equipment, including machining and coating